In 1998 Tanya started her own Accounting and Bookkeeping company in Ottawa, Ontario Canada specializing in small business.   In 2002 she ventured into the unknown and relocated to Edmonton Alberta.  There she re-sparked her speaking career showing people that understanding more about your business finances doesn't have to be something you use to put yourself to sleep! 

In 2005 she got news she was waiting years for! She was knocked up and expecting her first child.  She left her career behind to focus on being a full-time Mom.  She didn't even make it a year before the call of entrepreneurship was too strong.  So she packed up her son each day and created a child friendly work environment so she could continue her passions and still be with her son.

She also stepped back into the role of President at her Bookkeeping company opening its first western branch in Camrose.  

In 2008 she wanted to try a new avenue and purchased a commercial bread franchise with her husband so they could finally over use their "making all the dough" jokes.   

In 2014 she fulfilled another goal and opened a retail craft supply store. This led her to the world of YouTube where she continues to create videos sharing her passion for crafting. 

Since her whole life she has been told she has the gift for gab, it was only natural that she start her own podcast called Fox Talks Business where she talks open and honestly about the good, the bad and the motivational of business life. 

She continues to speak across Canada and the US motivating business owners to share their stories, learn to embrace their failures, turn obstacles into opportunities and to discover the beauty and wealth of collaborations.

Her Tag Line

"Have fun, cause if you're not having fun, 

why are you doing it?"